Music is everything to us.
It's what we love and live to produce.


Letter To The Masses

Hello world,

The countless amount of hours that were put into DBA2LM was all worth it. I can admit this is the exact way it played out in my head. The cohesion from 1-13 amazes me. I'm a fan of the culture, so I felt I would be doing hip hop a great injustice if I didn't present a project you can listen to from 1 until completion. I am humbled by the feed back and the outlets that support DBA2LM. I'm gaining ground but still have so far to go. No two stories are alike, that's why I'm comfortable living my truth, moving at a pace that was meant for me.

To those who support me, I will never let you all down. I will never give up! I have a goal and that's to move the culture forward and create great hip hop music that's timeless. I would like to thank the artist that are featured on the project. The People Club's own Mo$e.A, DC' Don Juan, Glory, Rich Mo, Jay Lam. My People Club team Kysheam and the best creative director in the business Deni Rae. We all have bright futures let's continue to push for greatness!

Sincerely yours  Doeboy RP